“Concert-Goer didn't Die at My Venue” — Lydia Jazmine

Jazmine asserted that the body of Bonus Aine was discovered near the concert premises, and that it was not connected to the event itself.

“Concert-Goer didn't Die at My Venue” — Lydia Jazmine

Published: about 4 months ago

Singer Lydia Jazmine has come forward to address rumors circulating about a death at her recent concert, “Lydia Jazmine in First Born Concert.” The artist clarified that the incident, which occurred near the venue, was not related to her successful maiden concert.

Contrary to speculations, Jazmine explained that the body of the individual was discovered near the concert premises, but it was not connected to the event itself. The singer expressed condolences for the loss but emphasized that the unfortunate incident did not occur within the concert grounds.

The clarification follows reports of the tragic death of Bonus Aine Akankwatsa, a former senior employee of the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). According to initial reports, Akankwatsa was allegedly assaulted by unidentified assailants who had infiltrated Hotel Africana People’s Space, where Jazmine’s concert was being held.

Mr. Akankwatsa, accompanied by friends, had attended Jazmine’s concert, dubbed “Last Born,” intending to enjoy the musical performance. However, the evening took a devastating turn as he was reportedly attacked and rendered unconscious. He succumbed to his injuries on Saturday morning at Mulago Hospital, where he had been rushed by the police.

The incident has sparked an investigation by the authorities to determine the circumstances surrounding Akankwatsa’s tragic death. While the concert venue was bustling with attendees enjoying Jazmine’s performance, the unfortunate incident occurred outside the premises.

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